Thank you to the generous “Free As The Sun” Sponsors who made it possible for Lou’s music to be published in 2015.


Owl - Hope

Walt B.

Justin Bailey

Jeff Boyer

Campos-Bolick-Noel Families

Dana Canatsy

Carl & Carroll

Edward H. Case

Paul, Susan, Nathan & Julia Collins

Arlie Conner

Anita Cook

Dennis Cooper

The Cumpston Family ~ in memory of Lou’s friend, Jeff Cumpston

Kathie Day

Tawnya Stauffer Dexter

Anna & Steve Druse

Ilana Ems

Claire, Peter & Lucas Ewing

Cynthia Fairley

Loretta Farley-Condé

Brian “le poisson vert” Ferguson

Freedom Rising Spiritual Community (West Linn, OR)

Lonnie & Linda Fuhrman

Charles & Alayne Gelletly

The Gholi Family

Valerie Gibson

Joan Gouge

Ann Grace

Jane Gravel

Elena, Sophia, Gina & Gaetano Greco-DeLeonibus

Rachel Greene & Andy Comer

Debbie & Larry Haroun

Michael Allen Harrison

Heartsong Health & Wellness LLC (Bernadette McKee)

Liana Hochhalter

Donna Jean Irving

Janelle Irving

Neal Lemery & Karen Keltz

Kalai & Bill Lemke ~ in memory of Maddy West

Elisa T. Lewis ~ Lou’s Godmother 

Jeff Locke

Eldin & Kristi Lougee

Mackinnon Lighting & Electric

David, Jaimee, Dominik & Shea Mackinnon

Erin O’Malley

Jolene May

Matthew McLeod

Tristyn Meek

Carolyn Newsom

Alice Norris

Ruth & Jerry Offer

Claudia P.

Chele & Floyd Paye

Christian Petrich & Susan Gelletly

Barb Pitney

Geneviève Ekani Raze

Darin Rock

Timothy Rap

Marv & Rindy Ross

Rick & Cynthia Rupp

Mackenzie L. Shearer

Gretta Siegel & Leo Stein

Michael Silva

Bryan Takata ~ for the Kodamas

Catharine, Ivan & Gabriel Thomann

Eleanor van Alderwerelt & family

Mick & Char Wilson

Donald Wright

Bruce Zufelt

Max Shearer, "Louie" Debruge, Shea Mackinnon at the Music School, Inc. Recital (Portland, 2012)
Max Shearer, “Louie” Debruge, Shea Mackinnon at the Music School, Inc. Recital (Portland, 2012)

Names in bold type = Honored Sponsors to be acknowledged at the CD Release party March 5, 2016 for contributions above & beyond.  Thanks to all 230 Backers of our Kickstarter Campaign which allowed “Free As The Sun” to shine in 2015.

Thanks to • Ellen Whyte for donating ring tones & to Ellen & John Mullins for consultation  • Lynn Pass for priceless art donations!  •  “Moody Little Sister” for generous discount of the beautiful Wild Places as bonus CD  • Douglas Detrick for additional CD’s.  • Delphine Criscenzo & Noah Boyer for video work  • Gregg Williams at The Trench • Keith Buckley of Zap Graphics • Gregg Ryan at Alpha Print • Joel & all the cool cats at Cravedog, Inc.  • Ryan Foster, Foster Mastering  • Rob Stroup at 8 Ball Studio • Peter Vaughan Shaver of Sound Advice LLC.  • Jeremy Kramer for art work (sun image) on the CD Face & for T-shirt design.  * Gretta Siegel for the use of her beach house on long working days and as a Kickstarter Reward.  Thanks to all who offered Kickstarter rewards that weren’t used ~ much love and many blessings to you all!

Special thanks to Jerome Couture of West Linn for being Lou’s patient & caring friend & musical mentor, starting in 2004, for piano, clarinet, sax, guitar & voice. 

Student of the Month - August 2010 - at the Music School, Inc.
Student of the Month – August 2010