Lou’s Songs of Life (CD)

Marv & Rindy Ross – Ross Productions

Rindy and Marv first performed together in the 70’s at Western Oregon University where they fell in love and got married. While completing their teaching degrees, they began gigging in bands with Rindy playing sax and singing Marv’s guitar-driven compositions.  After teaching three years in Central Oregon, they took very early retirements and formed Seafood Mama – a wildly popular dance band that played every smoky hippy bar between Seattle and Portland in the late 70’s.  In 1980 they recorded Marv’s song, “Harden My Heart” – which became their first hit and led to Geffen Records signing them. Over the next decade they released four albums under a new name, Quarterflash garnering gold and platinum records and tours with Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, and assorted big-haired 80’s acts better left unmentioned. It was an exciting-tumultuous-insane era and the Rosses lived out many a fantasy including Marv writing a song with Burt Bacharach and Rindy appearing on Merv Griffin with Richard Simmons.  In 1991 they formed Ross Productions to create music for NW audiences. Their first project was a commission from the state of Oregon to produce a musical based on diaries of immigrants on the Oregon Trail. From that project came The Trail Band and nine CDs of traditional Americana music. Also, the Rosses gained a deep interest in Native American music and Marv began to write his second play, “The Ghosts of Celilo” – a Broadway-styled musical featuring Native American music and culture. “Ghosts” was presented in October 2007 by Artists Repertory Theatre at The Portland Center for the Performing Arts to rave reviews and 13 sold-out performances.

        –  From Marv & Rindy Ross BIOat the Quarterflash website.

Marv & Rindy

Quarterflash!  Sings “All Diamonds” from Love is a Road 

Watch the 20 minute documentary “Quarterflash: A Musical Journey”

Quarterflash 2015 copy

Shea Mackinnon  – Vocals on all four of Lou’s songs

Shea’s journey of discovery into his love of music began at a very young age with drum lessons from Roger Allen and the encouragement of his father, Dave, who had himself been a student of Allen’s and was drummer in the Portland group Hatful of Rain. In fourth grade, Shea began taking musical theater classes at Northwest Children’s Theater with his BFF, Louis Debruge.

NW Children's Theater - Shea as Linus & Lou as Charlie Brown in "Peanuts"
NW Children’s Theater – Shea as Linus & Lou as Charlie Brown in “Peanuts”

They were Rumplestiltskin and the Miller in Kelly Stewart’s “Rumplestiltskin” play lab.  They were Linus and Charlie Brown in “Peanuts!” and Shea carried on with the Princess and the Pea.  They joined Kids Company and toured local schools and assisted living facilities performing with the NWCT Kids Company troop. In 2008, Shea played Young Ganymede in the premiere of Michael Allen Harrison’s “Prometheus” at Lakewood Theater.  He sang the acapella opening solo part of a work written in tribute to the Dali Lama, the opening piece in Michael’s 25th Anniversary show with the Oregon Symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.  Shea performed for three seasons in “Michael Allen Harrison and Friends: Christmas at the Old Church” with the kids choir and was Oliver in the Lakewood Theater production of Oliver! in 2009 and earned a PAMTA nomination for both his role in “Prometheus” and “Oliver!”  In 2010 Shea performed in “Find Me Beside You” based on the Van Morrison music of Astral Weeks, a production of Many Hats Collaboration in Portland.  Shea SunFrom 2010 to 2014, Shea and Lou made music as a duo, performing at talent shows and open mics, with the band names “Sykiatrists’ Busstop”, The Louie and Shea Experience” and “Inner Ecstacy.”  Shea plays keyboards (entirely self-taught, no doubt influenced and inspired by his mentor Michael Allen Harrison!) He is currently taking guitar/songwriting lessons with Marv Ross and finishing his senior year of high school. He is very grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project with such talented musicians and to bring his best friend’s music to life so that it will shine the light of the love they shared in others’ lives.


Gregg Williams (Engineer, the Trench / Drums)

GREGG WILLIAMS has over 25 years experience in the music industry working as a studio and live drummer, an engineer, programmer and producer, and mixer.  In October 2013 he was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame where, during the induction, it was revealed that he had played on, engineered, produced and/or mixed over 250 ALBUMS. He has recorded, mixed and/or toured with SHERYL CROW, EMMYLOU HARRIS, BLITZEN TRAPPER, PETE DROGE, THE DANDY WARHOLS, ANYA MARINA, QUARTERFLASH, JEFF TROTT, NU SHOOZ, HEARTLESS BASTARDS, THE DECEMBERISTS, CHINA FORBES (PINK MARTINI), ASHLEIGH FLYNN, OH DARLING, DON DILEGO, JESSIE MALIN, BREE SHARP, EUX AUTRES, JERRY JOSEPH AND THE JACK MORMONS, ERIC MATHEWS, UHF, THE BELLA FAYES ….TO NAME A FEW.

Shea Mackinnon & Gregg Williams at the Trench
Shea Mackinnon & Gregg Williams at the Trench Studio, Portland

Editors Note:  Gregg and Shea know how to rock a pair of cut-off jeans.

Rob Stroup (8 Ball Studio) – Engineer for Title Track

Rob Stroup, Naomi Hooley, Marv Ross and Shea MacKinnon (May 2015) @ 8 Ball Studio
Rob Stroup, Naomi Hooley, Marv Ross and Shea MacKinnon (May 2015) @ 8 Ball Studio

& Naomi Hooley (Moody Little Sister)

Moody Little Sister Wild Places

Every one of us is on a journey.
Every one of us, a story.
One open hearted story
inspires another’s honesty.
One brave adventure calls
to another’s liberation.
One act of compassion calls
to another’s love.
One fearless act awakens
another’s courage.
We are all companions
in the human struggle.
Music becomes our gratitude.
It is the voice of our love.
– Moody Little Sister

Tristyn Meek – back up vocals on track 3:  Facade (The Devil)

Tristyn Meek - Senior Photo

Tristyn began to play guitar following the death of her father in 2009. Suddenly the guitars in his collection called to her as a way to bridge the silence of grief. Tristyn is a naturally gifted singer who has taken vocal coaching from Portland blues artist Ellen Whyte.  

Tristyn came to Lou’s house with a close circle of friends several days after Lou’s death to play guitar and sing together.  Her best friend, Maddy West, was in that group.  Maddy passed away on February 20, 2015.   At their Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony (Oregon City High School / the Chiles Center) in June, Tristyn sang Death Cab for Cutie’s song “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” and dedicated her performance to the memory of her friends – Madison West and Louis Debruge.   We love you, Tristyn!     

Maddy and Lou w:owl & flowers
Maddy West & Louis Debruge (1997-2014) Sun / Flower Children

C.D. Cover Art by Keith Buckley, ZAP Graphics


Keith Buckley Musician & Graphic Artist