About the Book

Free To Tell: Lou’s Writing Shines a Light on Childhood Abuse & Addiction

(Companion Book to the Free As The Sun: Lou’s Songs of Life CD)

Includes 30 poems and a dozen essays and journal excerpts Louis left behind as legacy. Louis’ work and his story will be an invaluable, unique resource for healing work in residential treatment centers.  Lou’s counselor Donald Wright believes in this project. “We need a more story-centered approach in my field,” he says.

Part I: Louis’ Song Lyrics and Poetry

Part 2: Louis’ Essays and Journal Writing

Part 3: Other Voices

Contributions by Judge Neal Lemery, Randy Ellison, Tyler Tully, Andrew Willis & Melanie Blow (Stop Abuse Campaign) and Parfait Bassalé.

Part 4: Study Guide

Suggestions for using the songs and the writings in individual or group therapeutic settings or for personal journal work

Part 5: Reading & Resources

Did you know?  Rindy Ross is not only the singer for Quarterflash who made music history with her sexy sax and vibrant vocals on Gonna Harden My Heart!  Rindy is also a licensed mental health counselor with 15 years experience.  She has this to say about the book: “Lou’s speaking out and his mother’s painful quest to shine a light on the darkness of abuse and its repercussions will be such a helpful resource to others who feel alone and defeated.”

Second Nature: Entrada
Second Nature: Entrada ~ March 4, 2013 ~ Lou’s Sixteenth Birthday
  • Rhonda Lee Case (Lou’s mom) editor
  • Free To Tell: Lou’s Writing Shines a Light on Childhood Abuse and Addiction © 2016  150 page book;  available March 2016