“Wanna’ Kick It?”

Hey, wanna’ kick it?” This was one of my son Lou’s favorite lines.  It’s the cool teenager’s version of the five year old’s, “Can you come out to play?” It’s full of relaxed excitement about what unexpected joys might be ahead if we just get together and then see where the Spirit leads!

FATS Kickstarter Poster 10-14In that Spirit, I want to invite you to Kick It with us in bringing Lou’s CD and Book to life with the Kickstarter Campaign for Free As The Sun.  It runs October 18th to November 16th.

Kick it for awhile on the Free As The Sun Kickstarter Campaign Page – where you can “kick it” in the 8 Ball Studio with Marv, Shea, Rob and the magic as they record the first track, captured in the Project Video.

Kick it for awhile at this website, checking out the lyrics page, the Bios of the CD artists and Book contributors, and the first blog post about the project.

And then help us to kick this project into a beautiful high-energy high gear so that we can exceed our funding goal.  Yes, some projects fund at 150% or better!  When we exceed our goal, our next project will be either a music video using Lou’s song Facade (The Devil) or a training video.  Our Backers will get to decide.

Click here to watch Shea & Lou “Kick it” for real at the West Linn Skate Park (2009)!

As you tell your friends and colleagues – and the folks on the bus or at the bar – about this project, here’s what you want to know about Kickstarter:

  • This campaign goes “live” on October 18th and the more early backers we get the more the momentum builds toward success!
  • Your credit card will not be charged unless the Funding Goal is met and until the campaign closes. 
  • The Kickstarter Campaign lasts only 30 days.  Ours closes on November 16th. 
  • Kickstarter, like the Arab Spring and Black Lives Matter, relies on the noösphere of social media – your shares on Facebook, Twitter, via Email and so on are what will bring this beautiful project to life. 

Bring Lou’s dream to life.  Help break his silence about childhood abuse as the real cause of so much addiction, depression, self-harm and despair in people of all ages.  Help Lou be the healer he was born to be.  Lou’s voice – so powerful in his music & poetry – will allow others to find their voice.

May his memory be a blessing.

Owl - Hope




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