A multi-media project to share the music, poetry, song lyrics, essays and journal writings of Louis Raymond Case Debruge (1997-2014) as celebration of a life and as a resource for healing. 

CD Produced by Marv Ross ~ Featuring Quarterflash

"Louie" (2013)
“Louie” Raymond Case Debruge (2013)

 The Project’s Vision

  • Free As The Sun gives voice to one gifted & courageous young man’s experience of traumatic childhood abuse and his sorrows as he struggled with addiction, depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation.
  • Lou’s music and writing will become powerful resources for discussion and for healing in many therapeutic settings.
  • An uncommon soul has left us his “search for meaning” in his own stunning texts and haunting melodies.  Louis left us a great gift to share, one that will allow him to be the triumphant survivor and artist he dreamed of being one day. 
  • Free As The Sun shines a light into the shadows of human experience.  Facade (The Devil) is a song that speaks to the betrayal of both drugs and intimate violence.
  • Louis also held to a vision of a world made peaceful for children and for all.  He sings that we can & must “Change: For Our Daughters, For Our Sons.”
  • Project advisors include mental health professionals, advocates and educators in the movement to abolish child abuse, as well as extraordinary musicians with a heart for peace.

You Can Help Us Keep Lou’s Voice for Change Alive

"Louie" 2012
“Louie” 2012

Listen to an interview aired November 11, 2015 on PORTLAND RADIO PROJECT (99.1 FM) about “Free As The Sun.”  Shea Mackinnon & Tristyn Meek are interviewed by host Heather Hanson.  The segment features live performance in studio and music from the CD.  Thanks to PRP director Rebecca Webb, and to host, Heather Hanson of the Super Groovy Cosmic Bus radio show for their support of this project.

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CD to be available through the website mid-February.  Book to be published by March 4, 2016 and CD Release Party to be held March 5, 2016 at Youth Music Project in West Linn, Oregon from 6-10:30 p.m.  Tickets $15.00 in advance.  CD, Book, T-Shirt and Tickets will be available for purchase in February 2016. 

View the project video featuring music, in-studio footage and interviews with Lou’s therapist (Donald Wright) & Lou’s best friend, CD vocalist Shea Mackinnon, by clicking HERE & scrolling down.  Click on the “PLAY” arrow.

Louis Debruge, Klarissa Oh, Rhonda Case, Kristi Kernal at OAASIS Annual Conference (October 2013)
Louis Debruge, Klarissa Oh, Rhonda Case, Kristi Kernal at OAASIS Annual Conference (October 2013)

230 Kickstarter Backers made this project possible in a successful crowd-funding effort.

105% of the funding goal was reached in 30 days.


CD Cover Art by Keith Buckley Zap! Graphics
CD Cover Art
by Keith Buckley
Zap! Graphics



  1. What a lovely site and work you do, Rhonda. You are such a powerful force in the world and we are so lucky to have you. – Pam Savory, Freedom Rising Spiritual Community, “Living Life With Fierce Compassion”

  2. This is so exciting. I can’t wait for the CD and the book. Louis is a gifted musician and his music is powerful and healing. – Retired Judge, Neal Lemery, J.D. author of “Mentoring Boys to Men: Climbing Their Own Mountains”

  3. I love this project and all that it means! As a clinical psychologist specializing in treatment for children and adolescents who have experienced severe trauma and abuse, I can see what an amazing resource this project could be for others. Bearing witness, breaking the silence, trauma narratives — some of the most powerful parts of this work! We are lucky to have Lou’s legacy and Rhonda’s strong love in the world. – Dr. Catharine Thomann, Ph.D.

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